Frequently Asked Questions


the process of land surveying?

1. Describe to our company your needs and an agreement is drawn up. Please review and sign. A down payment is required and final payment is required before recording of documents.

2. Research-Your deed, neighboring deeds, easements, surveys, section information from the recorders, auditors and surveyors office in your area.

3. Review all information before going onto your site.

4. Schedule a site visit, go to your site, locate all existing corners described in information gathered, find section points and then stake new parceling if needed.

5. Draw a plat with all the county and state requirements needed with a description of the property.

6. Client will review the plat and their is usually a review from the local government agency.

7. Once the review is final, signatures will be required and Seig Surveying will record your documents.

8. A deed will need to be supplied to the Recorders office for the final transfer to take place. A title agency/attorney will need to be hired to complete this process. Seig Surveying does not create the deeds. Ask us for a list to choose from and we will supply the information needed to them.

Your project is complete.

pricing of a survey?

Prices are determined by the age of the deed, is there any survey information about your property, section corners found by the county, topography, wooded, hills, acreage, your county/town requirements, etc.

Can the client be there at the time of the survey?

Absolutely, we are there to work, so be prepared to keep moving with the survey technicians and/or surveyor. Share any information with them to help them do the best job they can do as well. You will learn all about your property and it is always enjoyable to get to know our clients.

Why do I need a deed prepared by an attorney or title agency?

You must have a deed prepared that will have the description from the survey that we recorded. Transfers take place after a deed is recorded. We work with several attorneys/title agencies. Please ask our office manager and she will guide you to the right place.

What is surveying?

Surveying is the process of accurately mapping out a plot of land. Surveyors use tools such as global positioning systems to create a three-dimensional map on a two-dimensional surface. The survey will establish boundaries of a plot, map out the terrain, and mark the location of both natural and man-made landmarks.